What is the width of the Fabric?

The width is 58 inch (double width)

What if the design I want is out of stock?

As for our classics, we restock pieces often. Check in again in a few days and your favorite design might be available. Or you can contact us on Whatsapp to let us know!
However, there are some designs marked as special edition that will have a limited number of pieces available to keep them special - these will not be restocked.

What is the difference in the fabric types?

- 100% Cotton Viscose is soft and buttery. It is free from any chemicals and made of 100% natural fibers.
- Cotton Blend is solid cotton similar to Tana Lawn. It is great for summer and heavy embroidery.
- Armani Silk is soft, light and silky. Has a shine and vibrant colors.
- Matte Crepe is Durable, light and has a matte finish. Gives great depth to darker colors.
- Crepe Silk is our starter fabric. Chosen for its durability, luxurious look and lightness. 
- Crepe twill has a silky finish and a solid form. Turns out great for heavy embroidery. 

How many meters should I buy?

It depends on what you are using it for. 4 meters is the standard to make sure you have enough for whatever you might be using it for (mukhawar, summer dress, wide cuts.. etc)

Can we order in Bulk?

Yes! Bulk orders will be processed on Whatsapp not on the website. Bulk orders can obtain a special rate* via whatsapp ordering should they match our bulk criteria.

*terms and conditions apply. 

Do you do customized designs?

Yes. We offer this service for businesses as there is a minimum quantity of meters.